3D Laser Cutting

At Laser Specialists, we strive to achieve ultimate levels of client satisfaction resulting from our 3D laser cutting services; sometimes referred to as 5-axis laser cutting services. For more complicated jobs that require 3D laser cutting, it is critical to choose a professional laser cutting company comprised of passionate industry experts that utilize state-of-the-art technology and aim to deliver.

Whether you’re sourcing formed sheet-metal components, stampings, or virtually any three-dimensional industrial product, LSI’s 5-axis laser cutting services are bolstered with nearly unlimited fabricating capabilities. For example, virtually any three-dimensional automotive body-in-white component will require our 5-axis laser cutting services. Our experience, equipment, and dedication allow us to complete almost any laser cutting job across a diverse number of industries.

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We have a quick, efficient and cost-effective approach that allows us to complete the most complicated jobs to perfection in a timely manner.

Multiple industries throughout Michigan rely on our expertise for jobs and parts requiring 3D laser cutting.  Our technologically advanced manufacturing center is comprised of the latest equipment and is operated by a team of industry experts dedicated to completing each job to perfection. As the premier 3D laser cutting company of the Midwest, it's our obligation to offer the most efficient and precise 5-axis laser cutting services available.

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