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2D Laser Cutting

Hire Laser Specialists for all of your custom 2D flat sheet laser cutting service needs and see why we are Metro Detroit’s leading experts in the industry. Our team of specialists are fully equipped to transform your sheet-metal prototype and support it well on into production using cutting edge technology that offers exceptional precision

There are many advantages to choosing Laser Specialists for all of your 2D 3-axis laser cutting and laser blanking needs. We are fully invested in each individual project and apply a new level of cutting efficiency in order to bring your design to life. We factor in speed, simplicity, accuracy, and quality to ensure that your prototype comes to life and it is supported well on into production. Aiming to be Michigan’s most efficient and cost-effective flat sheet laser cutting company we strive to achieve ultimate levels of client satisfaction.

We have passion for our work and execute the utmost dedication throughout the entire process.
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We have the equipment, resources, and expertise to meet all of your 2D laser cutting needs. At Laser Specialists, we utilize the most efficient laser cutting technology on the market to assure that each job is completed to perfection. We proudly utilize this technology to provide 2D laser cut prototypes as well as production laser blanking services to a number of substantial industries throughout the midwest including automotive, aerospace, military, agriculture and more.

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